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Pal and Joana on Savage Minds

3 February, 2010

Seeing Culture Everywhere

Over at Savage Minds, CM contributors Joana Breidenbach and Pal Nyiri have been invited to post their thoughts on their anthropological writing over the years.  So far they’ve posted on the experience of writing together and writing for non-academic audiences.  These posts come on the heels of the publication of their book Seeing Culture Everywhere (pictured), which is an attempt to reach a general audience with a more more anthropologically nuanced sense of culture than the reified versions found in a lot of domains these days.  You can get a foretaste of the book from an article they did for Espaces Temps here.

Their Savage Minds posts contain some interesting tidbits about the differences between working with academic and non-academic presses.  Although they have written something of a how-to, they also admit that they may not yet have cracked the code for publishing successful popular works in anthropology.  While it’s too early to say if their new book will be a commercial success, the German predecessor to Seeing Culture, Maxikulti, did not seem to grab the popular imagination.  Naturally it’s very hard to say why this might be the case as everything from the title to the contingencies of book reviews play a role.  If Seeing Culture is a broader success we might be able to get a better sense of what appeals and what doesn’t.  I’ll be interested to read Seeing Culture when I get my hands on a copy, and I’m looking forward to more of their posts on SM.

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