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CFP: Cultural Analysis as Intervention

28 January, 2010

Via Anthropology Matters, Science Studies is seeking papers on the topic of ‘cultural analysis as intervention’.  Interestingly, this follows close on the heals of the AAS conference, which addressed a very similar theme.  Here are the details of the CFP:

Call for Papers

‘Cultural Analysis as Intervention’
Science Studies Special Issue

Abstracts Deadline: 15th of February 2010

The critic is not the one who debunks, but the one who assembles (Latour 2004: 246)
To do cultural analysis – understood as a broad, qualitative mode of inquiry – is to intervene in the fields of study and application. How may we understand, conceptualize, study and handle these interventions? This is the pivotal question which this Science Studies Special Issue seeks to address by raising discussions concerning the performativity of the activities, materials, engagements and products making up cultural analysis. With this issue, we wish to interrogate the interventions performed and enabled by and through cultural analysis, whether as new modes of mattering (Law 2004), agential cuts (Barad 2003) or through the transformation of matters of fact into matters of concern (Latour 2004). We also ask how these interventions are enacted and discernable – and how perhaps they may be done differently. The aim is to investigate and challenge the status and roles of cultural analysis, perhaps seeing it as a form of activism or ontological politics (Mol 1999).

The editors of this special issue invite you to take part in and contribute to this inquiry into ‘intervention’ as an inevitable implication of doing cultural analytical research on and inspired by Science, Technology and Society (STS). Research papers may be empirical, theoretical, methods-oriented, or a mixture of these three categories.
We look forward to receiving abstracts of 150-200 words briefly sketching the purpose and outline of the paper by no later than February 15th 2010. Please send your abstract to The authors of selected abstracts will subsequently be asked to contribute with full length research papers (max 10,000 words references and attachments included). This full paper must be submitted by August 1st 2010. All papers are subject to double peer review.

Read more about Science Studies and author guideline on
We look forward to hearing from you!
Special issue editors,
Morten K. Petersen, CopenhagenBusinessSchool
Astrid Jespersen & Marie Sandberg, Universityof Copenhagen
Carina Ren, Universityof Southern Denmark

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