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Joana Breidenbach

As a freelance anthropologist living in Berlin, Germany, I feel passionate about sharing an anthropological perspective on everyday life and public policy with a broader audience. For the past ten years I have been working on and writing about cultural globalization, the internet and tourism, trying to bridge the gap between academia, journalism and policy making. Recently I am most interested in the public uses of the “culture” concept around the world and hope – together with Pál Nýiri – to come up with a comprehensive critical overview of the contemporary culturalism, as well as a constructive vision of the many ways culture does play an important part in our lives, from the global to the interpersonal level.

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  1. Third Tone Devil permalink
    26 February, 2007 6:14 pm

    Hey, you don’t have a profile!

  2. 4 March, 2007 5:02 am

    now I do!

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