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World STI and HIV Congress day 3

15 September, 2015
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A summary of the third day of the World STI and HIV congress in Brisbane, Australia. Read on…

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Plenary Talks today were delivered by Raphael Valdivia, Jane Hocking, Kawango Agot, Ravi Verma, and Henry de Vries. It was great to see social scientists up on the stage in this mix! 

microbiome vaginal healthThe oral presentation and symposia sessions included Novel methods for STI basic research with talks by Sunniva Förster, Kristie Connolly, Kieran Cashin, Christine Johnston, and Linda Grillova;  Trichomonas vaginalis with talks by Jane Nicholls, David Martin, Subash Sonkar, Charlotte Gaydos, and Max Chernesky; Partners, places & STI risk with talks by Jesse Clark, Cath Mercer, Jillian Pintye, Jackie Jennings, Diego Cuadros; Sexual health of sex workers with talks byDavid Fowler, Yaw Adu, Caroline Thng, Tim Hallett, Eric Chow; Results from the Australian Chlamydia Control Eectiveness Pilot (ACCEPt) with talks by Meredith Temple-Smith, David Fowler, Alaina Vaisey, David Regan & Ben Hui, and Helen Ward (@profhelenward); Promoting STI control policies and programmes post–2015: Lessons for the future from Iran and China with talks by Monire Bassir, David Fowler, and Flora Wu; Increasing access to and uptake of sexual health care with talks by Claudia Estcourt @claudiaestcourt, Kees Rietmeijer, Devon Haag (@DevonHaag), Nicola Low (@nicolamlow), Jeff Klausner, and Sarah Hawkes; Chlamydia infections with talks by Paddy Horner, Barbara Van Der Pol, Kirsty Smith, Jane Hocking, Malcolm Price, and Jason Bell; HPV vaccination: hits and misses with talks by Marlene Kong, Eric Chow, Sathyanarayan Tamsetty, Worrawan Klinsupa, Harrell Chesson, and Adrian Ludlam; Molecular aspects of antimicrobial resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae with talks by David Whiley, William Shafer, David Trees, and Magnus Unemo; Sexual health issues for Indigenous youth in Australia and New Zealand with talks by James Ward, Terryann Clark, Corrine Swan and Rebecca Guy, and Marlene Kong; and Vaginal health and the microbiome with talks by Sharon Hillier, Rebecca Brotman, Liselotte Hardy (@LiselotteHardy), Hanneke Borgdorff, Susan Tuddenham, Joanna Borgogna, Jacques Ravel, Rupert Kaul, Cindy Liu, and Janneke van de Wijgert. With the multispecies turn in anthropology, perhaps anthropologists should become more involved in discussions about the microbiome–an absolutely fascinating direction in contemporary research about health and illness!

Satellite sessions featured talks by Magnus UnemoPaddy HornerPhilip Cunningham, and Sepehr Tabrizi in the morning, and Bob Grant and Darren Russell in the evening.

Poster sessions

baptista 9 31Abstracts for all the World STI & HIV Congress posters are available online. Pictured here is Cremildo Baptista from Mozambique who is completing a PhD in epidemiology at the Universidade Federal da Bahia. His research looks at syphilis seroreactivity and HIV among polydrug users in Brazil, as well as HIV, sexual behaviour and drug use. The posters surround an impressive array of display stands from biotech and pharmaceutical companies where delegates can collect pens, pads, stickers, lego, mobile phone rechargers, condoms, copies of academic journals and any number of business cards from enthusiastic and knowledgeable representatives.


Please also visit summaries of the World STI & HIV Congress Day 1 and Day 2.

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