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World music archive

23 July, 2010

The folk over at Open Culture have just posted about a new “world music archive” that has just been created by the BBC.  As noted in their article, the archive includes over 100 hours of recordings from 40 countries, and even includes some lesser-known traditions from North Korea.

This would no doubt be a great resource for researchers, students and teachers of ethnomusicology, globalisation and music and other similar subjects.

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  1. 8 August, 2010 10:19 am

    I introduce myself to this blog as a melanesian cultural heritage avid and am an intending Applied Anthropology (MAA) student at Macquerie University.I am from Papua New Guinea, and a freelance writer/photographer. I am also the founder of the cultural heritage group known as the Melanesian Way Inc. Papua New Guinea ( &

    I have some curiosity and some questions which concludes culture does matter. Some of my questions are;

    1). Who is/was the first peron(s) to invent the idea of making ‘bilums’ in PNG? Melanesian cutlure have an oral hisory of records and to establish who really is, attracks every women from each region in PNG claiming to be the owner of the idea, thus challenges me to really investigate who really is.

    2). Do you know that there is a ‘natural’ floating island in PNG?

    3). Do you know that there is a ‘natural’ music sinkhole in PNG?

    4). Do you know that there is a white fish with no eye in PNG?

    Well, if any of these interests you, I would welcome you to work me and the local community to find out more and probably record them. If culture does matter, these are areas remain untouched for empirical research. Why not some research into each?


    Peter Kinjap.

  2. 29 September, 2010 4:39 pm

    It is a door to travel around the world with music.

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