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Savage thoughts

18 February, 2010

Hello all! First of all, thanks for your introduction Jovan. Secondly, this is not yet the post on socio-legal issues that Jovan promised I would submit. That will come later, so be patient.

This one might interest some of you. It is a call for a conference at McGill University on ‘savage thoughts’. It welcomes new work influenced by Levi-Strauss’s bricoleur method of inquiry, and reflections on Levi-Strauss’s legacy across the whole range of the humanities and beyond.

For more information see the conference site

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  1. 18 February, 2010 5:29 pm

    Thanks for the conference link Jaap. It looks like a very interesting conference and I like the idea of taking the trope of savagery beyond Levi-Strauss to consider what other productive resonances it can produce. I also love the name of the hosting body, the “Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas”. How great is that?

    Reading the Director’s welcome there is a real sense of passion and excitement about the project. Take this for example:

    The Institute responds to a very real thirst in the academy for new and exciting ways to bring teachers and researchers together in these areas, to encourage new research collaborations, and to break down the boundaries that keep us within our disciplines and from one another. The goal of IPLAI is not to slake that thirst but to spread it ever more widely – for we are talking about the thirst for knowledge and I hope we never lose our taste for it.

    Inspiring stuff!

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