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2 Sydney anthro events: Traditional Healing and Mining and Sovereignty

2 September, 2009

Traditional Healing microcinema in Sydney2 upcoming Sydney events of interest to anthropologists:

  • Traditional Healing at the 4th Sydney Latin America Film Festival

Monday 7 September 6:00pm @ Dendy Opera Quays

The film “La Curacion / Healing” (Ecuador, Spanish and Quechua with English subtitles, 56 minutes) by Yoni Goldstein will screen at 6pm.  After the film, Kalpana Ram, Head of the Macquarie Department of Anthropology, will facilitate a panel of speakers, including practising shamanic healers.  Speakers will include Chris Kavelin of Macquarie University, Byron Serrano from the Tribal Warrior Association, Beata Alfoldi-Askew from Inner Vision Quest, and Violeta Arraya from the Alazan Horse Centre. Entry is first come first served, no bookings.

  • Mining and Sovereignty microcinema

Tuesday 8 September, 6pm @ Dendy Opera Quay

Forum discussion after screening of film When Clouds Clear on resistance to copper mining in northern Ecuador.  The forum has speakers who will connect the struggle to Australian Indigenous politics.

For full program details see

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