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Nuclear Territory Forum

17 February, 2009
Nuclear Territory Forum poster

Nuclear Territory Forum poster

A reminder that the Intervention, strictly speaking, is not the only controversial Federal Government policy affecting Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory.

From the website:

Radioactive Rollout

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is continuing to roll out the Howard Government’s radioactive agenda for the Northern Territory.

After more than a year in office there has been no indication that the draconian NT waste dump laws, the Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Act, will be repealed. This is despite a clear election promise from the ALP to repeal and a Senate Inquiry that called for repeal in the first parliamentary sittings of 2009.

ALP Platform pledges to ‘establish a process for identifying suitable sites that is scientific, transparent, accountable, fair and allows access to appeal mechanisms.’ (ALP Platform 2007, Chapter 5). This is clearly in contrast to current ways of operating around the NT dump proposal.

Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson continues to ignore affected communities and national environment and health groups who have called for information and action from the government.

Australia is maintaining involvement in the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) agreement, which asserts that countries exporting uranium accept ‘stewardship’ over the metal. This will inevitably increase pressure for high-level radioactive waste to be returned from overseas after being ‘leased’ for use in reactors.

There is a plethora of uranium exploration applications across the Territory and support from both Federal and Territory governments for increased exploitation in return for short- term profit.

Cuts to Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) and the increasing economic disadvantage in remote areas means many Aboriginal communities are feeling pressure to accept uranium projects on their country as a source of jobs and income- sometimes in exchange for essential infrastructure like roads and housing.

Community resistance

Despite pressure from both industry and government, communities in the NT continue to be at the forefront of a major struggle against expansion of the nuclear industry in Australia.

Successful community campaigns fought the uranium mine proposed for Jabiluka in Kakadu National Park.

Central Australian residents are currently mobilising against the uranium exploration project at Angela Pamela, 25 km south of Alice Springs in the town’s water catchment area.

There is continued and strong opposition to the planned federal radioactive waste dump, already over a year behind schedule.

It is important for national awareness and mobilisation to support communities directly targeted by the industry.

The Rudd Government must be held accountable for its radioactive rollout.

Come along and hear from inspiring Arrernte/Luritja author, poet and artist Mitch, who is fighting the federal radioactive waste dump proposed for her country.

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