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20 little Australians

23 January, 2009

Just quickly.  The Sydney Morning Herald currently has a nice little multimedia presentation entitled “20 Little Australians”.  A condensed version of a longer story that will appear in the weekend paper, obviously designed to coincide with Australia Day on the 26th.  The presentation features 20 children who have migrated to Australia and provides snippets of their experiences and impressions in and of Australia.  Overall the presentation has a glossy, feel-good feel but the Herald folk avoid presenting Australia as the promised land for all comers.  There are some negative impressions, mentions of racism and so on, but most appealing and interesting to me were the unexpected comments, like the Russian boy who noted that people don’t speak as much to each other as they do in Russia, or the Pakistani boy who was amazed that he was allowed to call his neighbour by his first name.

Besides containing these little gems, the presentation is well worth the watch just to get a two minute overview of the astounding variety of migration to Australia and a couple of hints at what we do well and not so well for those who have chosen to settle here.


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  1. Michaela permalink
    24 January, 2009 10:29 am

    This is great Jovan, thanks for posting this. I am pleased to see examples such as this of Australia being represented without the usual national symbols such as native flora and fauna, generic indigenous art and “true blue” aussie’s on horse back in the arid country side. And more importantly recent migrants perspectives of Australia being represented as we approach Australia day…

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