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USA Today covers anthropology and the military

10 December, 2008

A couple of people (thanks Greg and Laleh) sent me this link: USA Today has an article on anthropology and the military that covers debate over the Human Terrain System (HTS) at the last AAA meeting.  The article situates the anthropology-military relationship within the history of colonialism, reports that two HTS social scientists were killed in the last year (but doesn’t clarify that they weren’t actually anthropologists), and covers perspectives advanced at the AAA by anthropologists Roberto Gonzales (whose book on HTS will soon be published by University of Chicago Press), Kerry Fosher, Brian Selmeski, and Phillip Stevens.

There is also a sidebar where Montgomery McFate answers questions about the program, and another sidebar that notes that three other academic/professional associations (the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Psychological Association) have policies barring various forms of professional participation with the US military.

The article contains several typos, I’m afraid, which doesn’t speak all that highly of USA Today, but it’s still interesting to see anthropology being covered in such a mainstream news outlet with national coverage.  There are 93 comments on the article — most of them inane.

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