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Contemporary Iraq 101

9 June, 2007

Iraq presentation

Khatab Sabir, one of our research students who is working on Kurdish experiences under Saddam Hussein’s regime, just forwarded me a link to this presentation by MSNBC on the political background to the current situation in Iraq. In my view it provides a useful corrective to the prevailing perception that the conflict in Iraq is essentially religious, i.e. ‘cultural’, in nature. Instead, it points more clearly to regional geopolitical tensions and machinations, though limiting its analysis to Iraq’s neighbouring countries. The geopolitical designs of the US and Israel, for example, are tellingly left out of the equation. Still, it’s good to see the mainstream media making an attempt to provide some sort of contextualisation of the situation. Sadly, even this rather basic level of analysis is relatively rare.


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  1. CuriousPuya permalink
    16 June, 2007 6:31 pm

    I agree with the comments here that the geopolitical motivations of US and Israel are left out (delibrately). I would also add that not only is the presentation leaving out significant parts of the puzzle, but that it also trying to justify the presence of the US troops in Iraq. Note the comments about how if the US troops were to leave, the “proxy war” would escelate into a major battle for control in the region.

    I think the media in the US is constantly spinning information into serving the interests of its sponsors. The fact that the MSNBC presentation seems to be analysing the issue on a deeper level than usual is perhaps a sign of the viewers thirst for more information. Unfortunately this is information that is reshaped and managed very carefully for the consumption of the US population.

  2. 25 June, 2007 12:25 am

    That’s a good point about the implicit justification of a continuing American occupation. Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true. There may well be a power vacuum in the region if the Americans pull out and things could get very nasty as a result. This is not to deny the truth of what you’re saying; it’s just there doesn’t seem to be any easy choice between supporting US policy and doing the right thing!


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