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Introducing Lisa Wynn

1 June, 2007

It’s great to see CM going so strongly and more people wanting to get involved in the blog. Our newest contributor is also our most recent (actually, soon to be) addition to the Department’s academic staff, Lisa Wynn. Lisa was offered a position at Macquarie some time ago but is currently in visa limbo land, waiting to move herself and family out to Sydney from Princeton. Instead of cooling her heels and twiddling her thumbs though she is keen to crack her knuckles and contribute to the blog.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Lisa’s work when she finally arrives in Oz but she has already proved to be a lively email correspondent and I think she will bring an enormous amount of energy to our department. She is also the author of the deliciously titled Pyramids and Nightclubs: A Travel Ethnography of Arab and Western Imaginations of Egypt, from King Tut and a Colony of Atlantis to Rumors of Sex Orgies, Urban Legends about a Marauding Prince, and Blonde Belly Dancers, which has the distinction of possessing perhaps the longest subtitle to grace the cover of an anthropological monograph. I also know that she is a committed activist in the field of reproductive health, so I’m sure she’s going to bring great insights into the various ways anthropology can be both applied, engaged, and engaging.

She’s already itching to say something about the new creation museum, recently opened in the US and I’m certainly keen to hear what she has to say. So, with a bow and a flourish I say, “Welcome Lisa”!

See Lisa’s Macquarie profile, or her much groovier webpage from Princeton.

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  1. 1 June, 2007 9:40 pm

    Jovan, thanks very much for that kind introduction. I’ve been tracking some of the many anthropology blogs in the aether for a little while now and Cultures Matters is easily one of the liveliest ones out there. I’m thrilled to be able to contribute and looking forward to getting to Australia and Macquarie’s Anthropology Department in July.


  1. Complete this quote: “Cultures encode proprieties by…” « Neuroanthropology

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